The other weekend I went on an amazing trip with Foray Collective to Sedona. After a quick road trip, we arrived at the gorgeous L’uaberge de Sedona.

img_0203img_0202img_0208Aside from relaxing at the resort, we spent our days adventuring around Sedona in pink jeeps and believe it or not, I even did some hiking. Despite the killer up hill climbs, the views were beyond worth it and I have the photos to prove it.img_0211img_0206img_0207img_0205img_0209img_0204

Just when I thought my weekend in AZ couldn’t get any better, we stopped at the only Mickey D’s with blue arches on our way home. Needless to say it was an amazing weekend adventuring with a great crew.

So the question after every travel post…where to next?!

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