It’s that time of year again Y’all! Festival season is officially upon us and that means its time to dust off your booties, shake out your fringe vests and grab the hair glitter. From Coachella to Stage Coach to Lollapalooza to Burning Man- there are SO many festivals going on this time of year across the country. While I will not personally be attending all of these festivals, I wanted to put together a list of “Festival Essentials” based on my past personal experience, as well as some solid advice based on stories from a few friends of mine who are very familiar with the festival scene.

  1. The Must-Have “It” Bag – Finding the right bag to take with you can be a challenge in itself. Not only does it need to be able to fit all of our necessities like makeup, our cell phone, and a compact for touch-ups, but it also just needs to look cute. I mean, is that too much to ask? It was a bit of a struggle to find, but I think I found the answer to all of our festival-bag worries in the form of Cult Gaia’s Ark Small Clutch! It’s made from marbled acrylic and comes in a ton of beautiful finishes. I love how structured it is, but also very feminine. This baby has my vote for “IT” bag of the summer and I am sure you will all agree.
  2. Skin Protection – SO. IMPORTANT. People! Do not forget sunscreen. I cannot stress this enough. And because I think this festival essential is one of the MOST essential items to bring along with you, I included the entire sunscreen kit from SuperGoop! It includes a travel-size trio of totally game-changing sun protection, all in a pretty, holographic pouch. You’re getting three amazing products for your skin for an unbeatable deal. Make sure to snag yours before heading into the sun this summer. Trust me, you’re gonna thank me!
  3. Comfort Is Key – For a good portion of any festival, unless you have some insane VIP passes, you will either be walking or standing…a lot. So make sure to invest in some footwear that is comfortable. Nothing will ruin a good time faster than having to trudge around on aching, blistered, or swollen feet. These little booties from Free People are the perfect pair for a day-long event that will have you on your feet for hours-one-end. They come with a slight heel for just a little extra height and also have a fun stud detail. You can dress them up or down which makes them very practical for wearing after the festival season as well. Getting the most out of your pieces is what its all about!
  4. Live A Little – Festival season is THE time to take chances and have some fun with your look. Break out of your day-to-day straight hair routine (or in my case, beach waves lol) and think outside the box! I really like the Regal Rose charm set from Urban Outfitters to add a festival-ready accent to your hair. These ’90s-inspired hinge-open clicker beads will add a bohemian twist to your strands. So, embrace your inner trendsetter and ditch the flower crown that has been done time-and-time again.
  5. Cherry On Top – Hats are such functional and versatile pieces to have on-hand in your wardrobe and a must-have for any day-time festival. Protect yourself from the heat and avoid damaging sunrays with a hat that serves both for style and purpose. I really love this Aime’e fedora from Brixton because it’s oversized and the wide brim is great for giving off a little shade.

And that’s it! My five festival essentials for whichever event you find yourself at this season. I hope you guys take a few tips with you and remember, DON’T forget the sunscreen!