When I went on The Bachelor (round 2), there was an overwhelming feeling of nervousness that I did not experience the first time around. One would probably think this nervousness would be mostly due to the fact that Ben could send me home (with my 8 weeks worth of clothes) right away, but the truth is, it was mostly due to the fact that if I did make it past the first night, it would be a very lonely, friendless experience.

JoJo and Becca

Boy, was I wrong. My arrival on The Bachelor made it seem as though I was an unwelcome guest. In truth, I was welcomed with hugs and excitement. I felt an extreme sense of relief immediately. Many of the girls soon became not only my friends, but my confidantes. There was one friendship in particular that has lasted ever since. ENTER: JoJo, the unicorn!

Jojo and Becca Tilley

This little firecracker had me the moment she told me she blindly walked out of the limo in a unicorn mask. I mean, we were destined to be besties. Following the first night, there were many nights of made up games (ya, like this one), fireball shots, and deep talks about our feelings for the guy we were both dating. After getting the call that Ben had sent her home… I knew instantly that she should be the next Bachelorette.

Jojo and Becca tilley

Obviously my feelings were right. Fast forward to today, she’s happily engaged and still my BFF (although having to fight for time more than I had to before!). Watching anyone you love go through the process of reality tv, like The Bachelorette, is a difficult emotion. There was negativity, hate, and countless rumors, but I was so proud of how graceful she was through the entire process.

While the show was airing, JoJo came out to Los Angeles to visit me. During this short, but sweet trip, we decided to take our friendship to the wheat fields. We packed up my Fiat, brought along a photographer and some pretty dresses (a romper for me, of course!) and went to Palmdale, California (of all places). Here are some of my favorite photos from the day.

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Photographer: Valorie Darling // Stylist: The Stylist LA // Makeup: Suzie Moldavon // Hair: Trace Henningsen // Video: Zach Manna