Welp, it’s official y’all! Your girl has officially turned 29. Can you believe it?! The final year of my twenties kicked off in Nashville with a few of my favorite “ladies” by my side. It is safe to say that this birthday will definitely be one for the record books.If you’re my friend, then it is safe to say that you already know the level of “unwell” I can be at times and my birthday is no exception. My friends have to be up for anything when they hang out with me and this year I clearly put them to the test. We went from first class to trailer park REEEEAL quick! I am so lucky to call these hotties my friends!

And alas, we are cute again! After spending the night dressed up like the BudLight dream team, I had to let the girls shave their beards and trim their mullets. Turns out, being a lady killer is a lot of work!Each and every one of the ladies on this trip holds a special place in my heart. My friends mean so much to me and I would be completely lost without them. I am so happy I was able to experience the city of Nashville with these beautiful women who all came to celebrate ME!And if my birthday bash in Nashville wasn’t enough, there was even MORE celebrating when I got home. I was treated to an amazing dinner with more of my friends and family. I felt completely overwhelmed with love from everyone; I am truly grateful for all of the amazing people around me. And this cake! I MEAN!!! Sorry McDreamy, but we ate your face. And if all of that wasn’t enough, my best friend @tanyarad made me the most EPIC jacket I have ever seen. Meredith Grey, the LA skyline, McDonald’s golden arches, AND scrubbing in with, all on one jacket. I just about died. You outdid yourself this year babe! I’m never taking this off, k bye! 

To say I am blessed is an understatement. This birthday was filled with so much laughter, love, and adventure and I am hoping the entire year continues that way. So here’s to 29 and feelin’ fine!