Fall is officially here y’all! Bring on the pumpkin spice, sweater weather, and a lot of movie nights! There is nothing I enjoy more than a lazy day spent on my couch, wrapped in a cozy blanket binging out on Lifetime movies (and Grey’s Anatomy, of course!). Fall is a season that just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside! And that is why I have put together a few of my essentials for the ultimate Fall Movie Night.

  1. Illume Copper Acorn Candle – First step to creating a feel-good space for an evening of movie marathons? Candles! Candles can instantly make a room feel warm and welcoming and perfect for curling up on the couch. I love the way this cinnamon and chestnut candle from Illume smells! It has a subtle Fall fragrance that fills my entire house! Definitely, a must have!
  2. Lifetime and Chill Sweater – Before pushing play on that remote, make sure to put on the comfiest clothes you can find. I personally am obsessed with my super cute and comfortable Lifetime and Chill sweater! Look Human just gets me.
  3. Besitos California Red Blend – No movie night is complete with a bottle of wine … or two. I have really been enjoying the 2013 Besitos Red Blend lately, which is a full-bodied wine with notes of cherry and Mexican vanilla. Yum! And it also pairs great with pizza!
  4. Sherpa Throw – If I haven’t emphasized it enough already, comfort is KEY! Wrap yourself in a plush blankie like this one from Target. The super plush fleece feels so soft on your skin and keeps you extra warm and cozy. Perfect for cuddling!
  5. Pumpkin Sheet Mask – I find that one of the best times to use a face mask is during a movie. It’s always a challenge for me to find 30 minutes of downtime to put on a mask, so this is the perfect way to fit in my beauty regimen!