I don’t know about you babes, but Valentine’s Day has officially become all about my GALENTINE’S! Sure, I’ve had my share of romantic Valentine’s Day experiences with some very lovely men throughout my life, but I gotta say, a Galentine’s Night is WAY more fun than any date I have been on, hands down… So, in honor of Single Awareness Day next week, I wanted to round up some fun goodies to help you throw the ultimate Vday-boycott bash!

  1. Y’all how cute is this heart-shaped sipper cup?! The arrow doubles as a straw and it comes in a portable insulated design with a locking lid, which is perfect for when my girls and I are dancing like fools in the living room. Grab one for all of your guests, as a fun way to sip some drank all night long! Also, it’s only available at Urban Outfitters!
  2. Now, what would a girl’s night be without sweets? I mean does it even count? Not in my book! I LOVE these rosè gummies from Sugarfina, because not only do they taste amazing, but they are actually INFUSED with rosè. Definitely will be sharing these yummy treats with all of my ladies this Valentine’s Day!
  3. In my opinion, Galentine’s Day is all about comfort and fun! And Y’all know me; if there’s any excuse to wear sweatpants, I’ll take it! I’m obsessed with the super soft and ultra-cozy Got A Plush On You lounge set featured in a sweetheart print from Free People. It’s the perfect outfit for a Girl’s Night in!
  4. I seriously have so much fun playing different silly games with my friends that I had to include one of my new favorite games called Who’s Most likely. I have been to a few of friend’s places and played this game before, so I knew it would be perfect for any small get-together. Trust me, you will be CRYING from laughing so hard.
  5. Last, but not least- seating! I know this isn’t something most people think about, but through my experiences having people over, I have learned that not having enough comfy places for your guests to sit can easily turn into wrapping the evening up early. These Ruthie velvet floor pillows from Urban are IDEAL! Not only will they give your guests a place to rest their booty, but they’re just super cute and I find myself busting them out all the time.

So, there they are! My suggestions for one incredible Galentine’s Day get-together with all your girls. I hope this inspires you to show your friends how much you truly appreciate and love having them in your life. So, grab your drinks, bring the sweets, bust out the games, and get cozy! It’s GALS night!