Next up in our contributor series is Chelsea Hetzel of Inspiration Indulgence. If you’re looking for some self-love and confidence, Chelsea is your go-to girl. This Boho queen is going to give us a few tips on mixing patterns and I’m so excited to share this low-down with you guys.



Hello loves! I’m SO excited to contribute for Becca’s blog today and to share with you my signature bohemian style! Now, let’s get to talking mixing boho patterns! So many people get anxiety about mixing patterns, but I believe that mixing patterns should be totally worry-free and fun- Bohemian style is all about freedom and spontaneity. For an effortless way to mix patterns, I compiled some of my favorite tips to help guide you along the way!

1.) Include Similar Colors- Mixing patterns is so much easier when you stick to similar colors. For the outfit that I’m featuring today, the prints from my cold shoulder top and my maxi skirt blend well together because of the common ivory tones. I like to stick to neutrals, because they are easier to mix and match! Remember, match colors, not patterns!2.) Stick to less obnoxious patterns- Because this is a bohemian look, we are staying away from patterns that are a little boisterous, such as polka dots or plaid. I highly recommend mixing and matching florals; I am completely obsessed with them! I like to mix the larger floral designs with the smaller ones. Not even lying, my closet is 99% printed maxi skirts and cold shoulder tops!

3.) Think as a free-spirit- True free-spirits don’t CARE what others think! We flow with the wind and rejuvenate our souls by experiencing different walks of life, people, and styles. Be inspired by what is different. Key point: Don’t think so hard about it. Just have fun with fashion!4.) Have Confidence!- The reason why I am SO passionate about style is because I am a no-rules kinda girl, and there are absolutely NO rules in style! I truly believe that what makes style so captivating is HOW you own what you’re wearing. I think that any outfit is gorgeous as long as you have the confidence to own it! Quit thinking that you have to play everything by the rules, get out of your comfort zone, and rock it, beautiful!


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