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The 90s are back in a huge way this fall season and there’s no end in sight for this stylish trend! One of the reasons why this trend is so popular is because you can style it for both day and night. If you’re telling yourself that you can’t wear trends in the workplace, I’m here to tell you “As if!”

In today’s post I’m breaking down exactly how to rock 90s vibes for both work and weekends! If you’re all about this season’s hottest trend don’t limit your personal style to weekends.

There’s a simple style solution to wear this trend 24/7 only using two subtle items. While this may not seem like enough to make an statement, sometimes the most subtle details make the largest impact in an outfit.

What style elements am I talking about? Keep reading to find out!



The two style elements you need to incorporate the 90s trend for any fall look this season are block heels and choker necklaces!

Block heels are everywhere this season. This means you are able to find shoes appropriate both for the workplace and to fit your personal style on the weekends!

Choker necklaces are the perfect jewelry piece to add some 90s vibes and complete an outfit. Just like block heels, there are a wide array of choker necklaces to choose from to ensure your look is appropriate for both the workplace and on the weekends.

Now that you know what 90s style elements you can add to any look- here are some style tips on how to make them appropriate for any occasion!



For Day

Block heels are totally inspired by the 90s, and as stated above, there are so many block heels to choose from. When looking to style block heels for the workplace, and add a little 90s flare to your look, keep your heel on the smaller side. Anything three inches and below are work appropriate. I also highly recommend buying a block heel in a neutral hue that will match the majority of your workplace outfits. This way you get the most bang for your buck and it’s easy to incorporate this trend into your outfits! The last thing you want to do is purchase a trendier shoe and not be able to style this trend into your workplace outfits because it doesn’t match anything.

There are also a large selection of materials block heels come in. To keep your shoes on the more conservative side for work stick with suede, leather, or patent leather. The trick to adding trends in the workplace is to make them as subtle as possible. Since the heel on your shoe is the trend we are incorporating into your look, you want to keep everything else about your shoe on the more traditional side!

For Night

Now, when it comes to styling block heels during the weekend there are no rules in fashion, only guidelines! The weekends are where you can really have some fun with this trend. Try a block heel in a velvet material (another trend inspired by the 90s ) or a pastel hue to add an unexpected, but totally trendy element to your outfit!

There are so many options out there which is amazing because you are guaranteed to find a block heel that matches your personal style and in your budget. Places I recommend looking for this style of shoe are ASOS, Revolve, and Forever21!

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For Day

Choker necklaces make me want to channel my inner Cher from Clueless (don’t we ALL have an inner Cher?!) and relive the 90s! Styling this accessory for the workplace is super simple. All you need to do is find a necklace in a higher quality metal such as sterling silver, gold (both faux gold or real gold depending on your budget!), or one subtly embellished. The reason why you want to do this is because these are classic metals and look professional with your workplace outfit.

Another style tip to keep in mind when wearing a choker necklace in the workplace is not have the necklace directly tied around your neck. This may be too trendy depending on your workplace’s dress code. Instead, opt for necklaces that lay flat on the bottom of your neck. You’re still wearing a choker, but tailoring this trend to make it workplace appropriate!

For Night

You can easily transition your daytime choker into a weekend outfit! Classic metals look amazing with any outfit you choose. Guaranteed.

If you want to wear a more casual looking necklace, the choker is such a great 90s trend because you could already have the material to create your own necklace right at home.

If you have extra ribbon or string laying around your house this is all your need to create your own choker necklace. Wrap the ribbon around your neck until it is comfortable and then tie a bow in the back, or cut the excess ribbon/string if you are tied a knot!

You can wear a choker with a sweatshirt or dress it up for a fun girl’s night out! This accessory instantly makes any outfit look more chic. Regardless of your budget there are various trends and prices to fit your exact style!

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