Today’s blog is for all my fellow lazy ladies and babes who love to binge watch their favorite Netflix shows on a Sunday night. As y’all know, my schedule keeps me pretty busy, so when I have a Sunday to myself, I lounge HARD! Sometimes, there is no better feeling than just lying on the couch, wrapped in your favorite blanket, and pigging out on junk food all day. Inspired by my sofa staycation this weekend, I put together a few of my must-haves for the ultimate lazy Sunday.

  1. Fleur Du Mal Pajama Set – The first step to an all day couch crusade is the proper attire. I personally love a matching pajama set like this one, because it’s super silky and feels so nice on my skin. I seriously never want to take it off!
  2. Dermalogica Skin Refining Masque – If you’re going to be lying around all day, you might as well throw in a few beauty treatments while you’re at it. I have found that a lazy Sunday is the best time to put on a face masque, which usually forces you to kill some time anyway. I recommend Dermalogica’s deep-cleansing clay masque because it helps purify and refine oily skin. Much needed after scarfing down greasy potato chips all day!
  3. Cheryl Strand’s, Tiny Beautiful Things – When I have to give my eyes a break from the TV, I enjoy reading because it really helps me to relax and self-reflect. This book, in particular, is perfect for just that! It is an incredibly smart and insightful read that I highly suggest everyone pick up!
  4. Steve Madden Softey Slipper – If you guys don’t already own a pair of these furry pink slippers, you need to! They are so soft and perfect for both looking cute and keeping my toes nice and warm. Trust me, you’re going to be as obsessed as I am once you slip your little feet into a pair!
  5. Lay’s Classic Potato Chips – Last but not least, no lazy day is complete without yummy snacks! The classic Lay’s potato chips are a staple in my snack line-up. Their salty, crunchy goodness is too much for me to resist!