Hey, Y’all! So I finally took some time to create my very own everyday makeup tutorial! I know, it took me a while but I hope the results are worth the wait. So, if you want to see how I put myself together, join me as I get ready and share all of my favorite products to use and how I use them.

So, I get a lot of questions about what products I use, how long it takes me to do my own makeup and tips on application. While I am clearly not a professional (we will leave that to Miss Emma Willis) I do have a few tricks up my sleeve. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Prime Time. I like to prep my face with a tinted moisturizer to serve as the base for my foundation. I usually use a NARS liquid bronzer in the color “Laguna.”  It goes on pretty sheer and feels totally weightless. It gives your skin an overall healthy-looking glow! Oh! And before I forget, I always put a moisturizing gloss on my lips before I get started so that by the time I am all done and ready to put on my lipstick, my lips will be hydrated and smooth. Lately, my go-to has been Glam Glow’s wet lip balm tint in the color “Love Scene.”

Step 2: Lay the Foundation. After you have worked in your moisturizer and tinted bronzer, it is time to apply foundation. The level of coverage I go for really depends on the mood I am in or if I have something going on that day. For less coverage, I use the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in the natural finish and if I wanna go even further and add a CC or BB cream, I use SuperGoop’s cream in the light-to-medium shade. But for my everyday tutorial, I opted for a full-coverage foundation. I am using Tarte’s 12-hour Amazonian clay full-coverage foundation in the color “tan honey.”

  • Application Tip: For less coverage that does not feel as heavy, I recommend using your hands. But if you want more coverage, opt for a damp beauty blender, which you can easily find at any drug or beauty supply store. Or you can use a handle brush (I think they look like a spoon) which makes application super easy.

Step 3: Let’s Contour. I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit in the light and medium tones. I don’t like to go overboard with this, but adding a little extra definition to the cheeks and face does make a difference. I don’t know much about which brushes you’re technically supposed to use for this, but I just use a large fluffy brush to get the job done. I also like to outline my nose a little by using a skinny brush to contour the sides, creating the illusion of looking slimmer.

  • Application Tip: Before applying, lightly press the brush into the powder and tap off the excess. Then, concentrate the contour powder on the hollows of your cheeks, around your hairline, and along your jawline. And be sure to blend! No one wants to have a stark or blotchy line going across their face. Blending is the key to keeping your makeup looking natural.

Step 4: All about the Blush. With so many neutrals going on, it’s nice to add a pop of color on the cheeks, to avoid looking washed out. My current favorite is Chanel’s powder blush in the shade “Evening Beige.” While I do love this powder, I know it is a bit on the pricier side, so if you’re not one to splurge on makeup, then I recommend trying my SECOND favorite blush, which is from Tarte in the color “Peaceful.” The colors are super similar, but with a much different price tag.

Step 5: Hello Highlight. Ok, so unless you have been living under a rock, you know about the highlight craze going on in the cosmetics world right now. Highlight goes hand-in-hand with contour as a way to help define and accentuate certain areas of your face. Since this is a day-to-day look, it doesn’t really call for a lot of shimmer. I just lightly dust on the Dose of Color supreme glow highlighter called “Fuego.” Lightly apply to the upper part of your cheeks with a loose fluffy brush.

  • Application Tip: For extra fun, using your finger, dip in the highlight and dust along the center of your nose and on the cupid’s bow on your top lip. This adds just a little extra glow!

Step 6: Bring on the Brows. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but for the longest time, I seriously underestimated the importance of doing your brows. I have always had fairly full brows, so I never thought filling them in was necessary, but BOY was I wrong! Having full, cleanly shaped brows makes such a huge difference in your entire look. Since learning this, I have been in love with using Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Powder Duo in the color “taupe.” To apply, I just use the classic Sephora brow brush that has a filler on one end and a spoolie on the other to comb through the hairs.

Step 7: Onto the Eyes. Now the look is starting to come together and we have just a few steps left! For my eyes, I use my Sigma Beauty blending brush to run a line of powder underneath my bottom lashes, rather than using eyeliner which can look heavy. My favorite shades to use come from the Tartelette Toasted eyeshadow palette. I use “warmth” under my eyes and add in touches of “latte” and “simmer”  just to make it a little more interesting.

  • Application Tip: Picking an eyeshadow color that will offset your eyes will actually help them to pop! Since my eyes are blue, I use a warm, rustic color because it really makes the blue stand out and looks more vibrant.

Step 8: For the Love of Lashes. So, admittedly, I really like having eyelash extensions because they totally eliminate this step in the process. BUT, since I am not currently wearing lash extensions, mascara is a must! It might seem crazy, but I actually use three different mascaras to create my look: Too Faced “Better Than Sex” mascara, Stila’s “Huge Extreme Lash”, and Tarte’s “Lights, Camera, Lashes” mascara. Layer them up for elongated, voluminous lashes!

Step 9: Last, but not least- Lips. Ok, final step! Lips are one of my favorite parts of the entire look because it just ties everything together. I recently ordered Charlotte Tillbury’s lip cheat lip liner in the color “iconic nude” and I have been loving it! I use it to outline my lips and go all over my lip as a base for my lipstick or gloss. Then, I finish it off with my  Charlotte Tillbury Hot Lips lipstick in the shade “Kim K.W” and also “Liv It Up” when I want to add a little more color.

And that’s it y’all! Thank you so much for following along and I hope you all enjoyed learning about how I do my own makeup every day. Be sure to check out the entire tutorial on my YouTube channel and leave me a comment letting me know what you guys would like to see next. Until next time!