Hey y’all! Whether I’m at an event or showcasing my favorite makeup looks on the gram, I always get SO many questions from all of you about how I do my makeup! Truth is… I DON’T do my own makeup and while I wish I could take credit for creating this look all on my own, I definitely owe it ALL to my amazing makeup guru, Emma Willis! I am so lucky to have found someone that is as sweet as they are talented. This babe is truly a gem! And now that my secret is out there, I’ll be breaking down my signature makeup routine for all of you to follow along step-by-step!

We start completely bare and show you guys from start-to-finish the products we use and also the best methods of application.

My go-to look is mostly bronzed dewy skin, a pigmented smoky eye, and a soft nude lip. I love putting a little shimmer highlight on my cheekbones and down my nose to create a slimming effect. Also, one trick I learned from Emma is to use a small fan brush to coat the back of the upper lashes. This helps your top lashes appear darker and fuller!

To see how Emma achieved the final look be sure to check out the full tutorial on my YouTube Channel HERE! I hope y’all enjoy watching and learn some helpful tips and tricks to add to your own makeup routine!