This Q&A series just got a little more bossy with Annie Lawless of Blawnde. This flawless babe is the co-founder of the organic empire SUJA juice, a New York Times Best Selling Author, and a Forbes 30 Under 30 winner (talk about a total boss lady). So, Annie…

Fast food restaurant you crave:

Does Chipotle count? That’s about as fast food as I get. There’s just nothing else with the same taste as their burrito bowl with chicken, guacamole, and pico.

Dr. Pepper or Coca Cola?:

I haven’t had soda in years, but if we throw it back, I have always been and always will be a Coca Cola girl. In grade school, I specifically had a soft spot for Cokes from Sonic because there’s nothing like the fizzy sweetness of Coke over crushed ice.

Favorite vacation spot:


You can’t travel without?:

Gum. Trident, specifically. Watermelon Twist, specifically.

Airplane style- trendy or cozy?:

I like to call it “cozy chic.” I don’t travel in Ugg boots and leggings, but I also don’t go full glam in stilettos and a dress. I definitely want to be comfortable, but still like to look and feel put together. I don’t follow trends too closely, so I stick to classic basics like a soft white or black tee, stretchy skinny jeans, a cashmere poncho wrap, a leather jacket, a felt fedora style hat, and ankle boots or flats.

Go-to outfit:

Butt-flattering black leather moto pants (mine are faux from Zara), a cashmere deep V neck sweater with a lacey bra peeking out underneath, and a Chanel bag. I can pair this look with a strappy sandal or classic Louboutin pumps for an effortless date night look, or scrunch the sleeves up and pair with a suede bootie or my favorite Gucci loafers for a day of shopping and errands.

One word to describe your love life:


Tell us about your 9-5:

I have always been afraid of having a 9-5 desk job, not because there is anything wrong with that, but it doesn’t suit my personality type and frenetic energy. I like to be moving and grooving, changing up my environment frequently, and traveling a lot. Blogging is the perfect “job” for me because I get to work in a way that feeds my need for activity and creativity. I love writing, sharing, connecting, and creating, so it never really feels like “work.”

Do you watch the bachelor?:

No, because you’re not on it anymore. Duh.