It’s been a hot second since we have done a blogger Q&A, but trust me… our next blogger is seriously #goals. Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior is one of the OG bloggers with an amazing aesthetic when it comes to style, interior design, and everything in between. So, Jacey…


Fast food restaurant you crave:


Dr. Pepper or Coca Cola?:

Dr. Pepper

Favorite vacation spot:

Concan, Texas

You can’t travel without?:

My earphones

Airplane style- trendy or cozy?:

Depends on where I’m going

Go-to Outfit:

All black everything

One word to describe your love life:


Tell us about your 9-5:

As the curator of Damsel in Dior, my 9-5 is not your typical routine. Depending on where I am, I usually wake up around 7am and get a morning work out in before meeting with my team. We go over our current collaborations, execution schedules, editorial calendar and strategize for the pending seasons. I then will take an afternoon meeting or two and on shoot days I spend the later part of the day shooting outfits. You can usually find me curled up on the couch with my husband, english bulldog and a bottle of wine on weeknights.

Do you watch The Bachelor?: