If there is one thing I have recently learned about this whole crazy and beautiful blogger/influencer world, is that it really is a community of amazing  women who support each other. I have been lucky enough to have met some of the most inspiring ladies in the game, so I thought it would be fun to do a quick rapid fire q&a session. FIRST UP, digital darling, Jenny Cipoletti of Margo & Me. Jenny is an expert on all things lifestyle and Parisian, not to mention her photography (done by her hubby) is just beyond.  Oh and her original muse? Margo is the cutest little white Frenchie you ever laid eyes on. Ahhh! So, Jenny do tell us….
jenny margo & me
Fast food restaurant you crave:
 Dr. Pepper or Coca Cola?:
Coca Cola, sorry Becca!
 Favorite vacation spot:
Capri, Italy
 You can’t travel without?:
My lover and husband Freddie
 Airplane style… trendy or cozy?:
I like to believe there’s a healthy mix between the two. I pack my socks in my purse 🙂
 Go-to outfit:
Short skirt, bow blouse, kitten heels
 One word to describe your love life: 
 Tell us about your 9-5:
Every day is vastly different from the next! That’s the life of a blogger, one day I could be on email from 6AM to 9PM and others I am filming, shooting blog content, out and about for meetings and lunches!
 Do you watch The Bachelor?:
YES! Totally guilty!