I hope you have been loving this Q&A series with the most fabulous of lady bosses and trust me you’ll LOVE this next one. Let me introduce you to Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential. So Lauryn, give us the skinny on…

Fast food restaurant you crave:

In & Out, protein style/raw onions/cheeseburger with small fries.

Dr. Pepper or Coca Cola?:

Diet Coke if I’m being a hungover slob.

Favorite vacation spot:

Definitely Cabo or Saint Tropez. I love anywhere that I can drink margaritas or rosé really. Bossanova music is a plus. Also love London. I’m actually dying to go to Russia too ( random? I know)

You can’t travel without?:

My ice roller…so weird but I carry it everywhere. Also LOVE this brightening serum. It’s cured my sun mustache.

Airplane style- trendy or cozy?:

I feel like I’m an in-between girl. Leather jacket, black leggings, some boots, & a boy’s white beater. No heels though…because my husband RUNS THROUGH the airport at lighting speed.

Go-to outfit:

A huge baggy vintage tee-shirt with tight black jeans & VERY high pumps. I like do either a ponytail or super light waves. And always oversized sunglasses. I love traditional with a twist.

One word to describe your love life:

FUNNY. We are always laughing.

Tell us about your 9-5:

I feel like I have a 24/7. I’m always working. It’s an addiction really. In need of a day off. Send help? And wine.

Do you watch The Bachelor?:

It depends on the season! ( Of course I watched Becca’s ; ) ). I prefer witty, funny contestants. Nothing boring! No squares, you know? Michelle Money was HYSTERICAL.