It’s been a hot second since I have had one of these fun Q&A’s but trust me, my next girl boss is worth the wait. Not only is Witney Carson an amazing dancer on Dancing With The Stars (premiering tonight FYI!), but she recently revamped her blog, and has amazing tips on everything fashion, health, and home! So Wit, do tell us…
Fast food restaurant you crave:
Taco Bell
Dr. Pepper or Coca Cola?
Diet Coke with lime
Favorite vacation spot: 
 Bahamas or Hawaii, anything with the sun and pina coladas!
You can’t travel without?: 
Airplane style- trendy or cozy?:
Cozy all the way! Sweats and sweatshirt always
Go-to outfit:
Jeans, t shirt and leather jacket
One word to describe your love life:
Honeymoon phase
Tell us about your 9-5:
Dance, teach and more dance
Do you watch the bachelor?:
Obsessed with the bachelor, ultimate love Becca Tilley. Just saying.