IT’S LIVE Y’ALL! I am so excited to finally share my latest project with you guys! If y’all know me, then you know how utterly OBSESSED I am with all things Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy and television in general. So as of today, I am proud to say, I’m officially launching my very own podcast inspired by my Grey’s Anatomy fandom!

“Scrubbing in with Becca Tilley” has been born! My podcast combines my love of TV binge watching and my passion for connecting with the people who follow along with my life and want to share in my crazy adventures and conversations.On the show, we will be discussing all of my favorite TV shows including Friends, This Is Us, Bachelor in Paradise, and Grey’s Anatomy (of course!), just to name a few! I will be bringing on lots of different guests to get their take on life, love, and anything else y’all want to hear about! We will also be discussing personal matters, like when you find out your “friends” have unfollowed you on social media or when the guy you’re talking to ghosts you. Nothing is off limits here!

So grab your scrubs and tune in today on iHeartRadio to listen! You can find the very first episode HERE! I hope you all enjoy the show and continue following along with me each week. Until next time!