Hey Y’all! Super excited to kick off 2018 with a fresh new episode on my iHeart Radio podcast, Scrubbing In With Becca Tilley! In this episode, Tanya takes over (Lord, help us!) while I handle a hair CRISIS at the salon. What are friends for, right?!

To get the show started, Tanya introduces us to her “accountability coach”, Real Housewife of Beverly Hills’ Teddi Mellencamp, and chats about tips on health and fitness. You might be asking yourself, “what’s an accountability coach?” Basically, Teddi helps people like Tanya and I get our booties in gear and make things happen! It’s easy to get caught up in daily life, procrastinate or make excuses to avoid having to do something, but having to check-in with someone and be accountable EVERY DAY, really does motivate you to stop making excuses and start hustling!

Once, I finally made it to the studio, I was able to dive in at just the right time and chat about a few of my favorite topics- food, boys, and God. We also go through my own experience (or two) being on The Bachelor and take questions from you guys about love, dating, and where religion fits into a new relationship. Be sure to tune in to hear our advice for potential Bachelor candidates that are considering following in my footsteps (hopefully, not my exact footsteps) and search for love on a reality TV show with the whole world watching and 20 other women trying to steal your man. But, in the end, I think it was all worth it. I have a lot of great memories from my time on the show, and I have also learned a few lessons from the not-so-happy moments I experienced trying to find love.

Find the entire episode on iHeart radio HERE, and make sure to listen each week for even more from Tanya, myself, and all of our incredible guests! Until next time babes!