I am so excited to welcome back a favorite of mine from our contributor series, Julianna of Blush and Camo. She’s going to layout six must-haves this spring and I can’t wait for you guys to get the full scoop!



Spring is just around the corner and this season has me in a fashion frenzy because the trends are amazing! Today I’m sharing the top six spring trends you need to incorporate into your wardrobe (if you haven’t already!).

Block Heels. Easy to walk in, ultra chic, and 90’s inspired these heels are taking over this spring. Block heels are perfect for both casual and formal occasions, so go ahead and add a pair, or five, to your closet this season!

Blush (anything!). I’m not kidding- anything that is a beautiful blush hue is wildly on trend this season. Items ranging from dresses, handbags, shoes, and jewelry. If it is a blush hue you are currently on trend this spring. This trend is super simple to incorporate into any look this season!

Bell Sleeves. This season it’s going to be hard to find a top or dress that doesn’t have a bell sleeve! This trend adds a subtle, feminine touch to any look and do you want to know the best part?! The bell sleeve is so trendy that every store has a bell sleeve item. This means no matter what your budget is this spring, there is a bell sleeve item for you!

Lace Up Tops. Some trends rotate from season to season and the lace up top trend is one of those! This trend started last fall, floated into winter trends, and is now a major spring trend. The reason for this is because the lace up tops or dresses can easily transition seasons simply by altering the print or material! So if you already own a few lace up tops don’t put them away for spring.

Ruffles. This is a newer trend this spring. Ruffles can be found on any clothing items and looking ultra feminine as the hem of a item or simply covering an entire wardrobe piece! Don’t shy away from this spring trend because this is going to be huge this spring!

Slip On Shoes. You can thank the Gucci Princeton leather slipper for starting this trend and for fashion blogger’s around the world solidifying this trend’s staying power. This trend is now available in almost every retail store and comes in a variety of silhouettes- ensuring there is a perfect slip on shoe for you this spring!

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