Hi ya’ll! Before we jump into this must-read. I wanted to introduce our contributor series. Our team has hand-selected some of our favorite bloggers to share their know-how each month. First up is Sivan. She’s that blogger that’s always in a bikini… and well, her tan truly seems to last all year long, so naturally… she’s sharing her tips on a lasting summer glow! I hope you enjoy!



Everyone is giving me major anxiety with all this talk about the “end of summer.” Sure, it’s officially back-to-school season but I cannot take one more conversation about leaving my favorite season for a colder, less-tropical-vacations season. This summer I’ve been very fortunate to travel to a number of warm destinations that have left their mark on me, literally. As I just so obnoxiously reminded everyone, it’s now September, BUT I still have a tan.

Summer Tan Tips Sivan Ayla

I’ve become somewhat of an expert on the topic, seeing I’m still solidly rocking a tan (and some tan lines) after testing a good amount of products in the sunless-tanning department. I won’t lie and say that I didn’t have a streaky moment, because there definitely were; however, the products I’ve narrowed down work perfectly together to ensure less streaking, absolutely no orange tint, and zero chance of that bad tanning smell.

The first step to an even tan is exfoliation. Rid your body of any and all dead skin so your sun-induced or cream-accelerated tan happens evenly. Dry, dead skin is where you will notice the most streak-age and “cracking” (you know the look…not a good one!). Babe No. 3 Pink Salt Body Scrub is awesome because it exfoliates but also hydrates so your skin feels super soft post-shower.

St Tropez Summer Tan

My absolutely favorite tanning lotion is by St. Tropez. I use this daily on visible areas and twice weekly on areas that don’t see much sun (aka the booty). It goes on smoothly, leaves a very natural color, and smells like a regular lotion.

Lastly, if I want that extra glow (think: date night or if you’re wearing a plunging neckline), use Kopari Coconut Body Glow. First off, you’ll smell like you just stepped off the beach in Fiji, but your skin will actually glow. It adds a subtle golden layer to your skin that enhances upon the tan you already have, making it the perfect after-sun (or sunless tan) product.

Kopari Becca Tilley Blog

Golden goddess vibes all year long, promise!

Sivan Ayla

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